Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mga quotes ng sawi sa Pag Ibig


When you’re hurt it’s okay to flirt, to date, to hate, to mingle with other people, to drink, to cry, to laugh out loud, to scream and to dance wild, you know why? Because when you’re hurt you don’t owe anybody any explanation on how you choose to repair what that person broke. Live you’re life as you wish, until you’re whole again.

What 2 do when it feels
What 2 do when it does not heals
Every sweet moment of life it steals
But heart has only love where it deals

Even though,
she hates me in every movement of life ,
but i love her with very seconds,
not because she has broken my heart,
but she as thought me to live with broken heart

The most beautiful words
by a wounded heart
“I Never Stopped Loving You,
I Just Stopped Showing It”…

Wanting him is hard to get.
Loving him is hard to regret.
Losing him is hard to accept.
But with all the hurt I've felt,
Letting go is the most painful yet...

Some of us think holding on makes us strong;
but sometimes it is letting go.

You broke me, you broke my heart,
you broke everything!
You turned my world upside down and inside out,
BUT I know it was worth it for
that one moment of love we had,
it's a shame it went bad..

One day you'll ask me,
"which is more important to you, me or your life"
I'll say, "My life" and you'll go and
leave me with out knowing that you are my life...

Its amazing how someone
can break your heart
But yet you still love them
with every broken piece

I wish I was a kid again,
because skinned knees are
easier to fix than broken hearts.

Ang sabi ng science, only one thing can occupy a given space at a given time. Kaya ako? Hindi ako naniniwala na ang isang puso kayang magmahal ng dalawa. Its either joke lang yung love for the other 1. Or kaya sa sobrang liit ng pagmamahal don sa isa nagkaroon pa ng space.

•Mahirap tumawa pag may problema ka, mahirap matulog pag may iniisip ka, mahirap magtago para lang makaiwas ka. Higit sa lahat, mahirap humanap ng iba para lang makalimutan yung mahal mo talaga.

A tear fell when i saw you in the arms of someone, a tear fell when you left me all alone in the blue, a tear fell when you said your love wasn't for me. I didn't miss the teardrops but i miss you.

•Giving up doesn't mean your weak, instead it proves that your strong to let go of the things that are important to you.. love is not what makes you complete but its when you learn to be unselfish.

•There is a time that each of us hurts someone and even how hard we try to recover things, it just keep on getting worse. So take this in mind, once you’ve done your part and yet not a thing changes, relax. Maybe its about time other do their part. Besides, a little bit of pride won’t kill.

If You Really Love Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back It's Yours, If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be

Some Day You'll Cry For Me Like I Cried For You,
Some Day You'll Miss Me Like I Missed You,
Some Day You'll Need Me Like I Needed You,
Some Day You'll Love Me But I Won't Love You

What if whats best for "us"
Is whats hardest to do
I still love you but,
I have to let you go

when will it stop,the pain,that darkness,that part of me,that was or Y-O-U!
why can't you fill it, why did u leave, why why why?,love hurts but so does life

When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut...
it will heal, but there will always be a scar.

Loving you was easy,
losing you was hard.
Loving you is still easy,
but knowing you are no longer mine,
is the hardest of it all.

You hurt me more than I deserve,
how can you be so cruel?
I love you more than you deserve,
why am I such a fool?

Days continue to pass, stars continue to shine.
Why do I have tears in my eyes today
when he was NEVER mine?

When you're near it seems that I took you for granted,
but now that distance is between us,
it made me realized that your love has been a part of my life.

Trying to forget someone you love is like
trying to remember someone you never knew.

They say, 'Time heals all wounds.'
If that is true, then I guess mine go deeper than pain.
There are no words to choose over losing you.
I guess I found out out too late,
and now all I feel is heartbreak
that only hurts when I breathe.

The ones that you love the most are
usually the ones that hurt you the most.

Some people say the worst way to miss someone is
when they are right next to you and
you know you can't have them,
but it's worse when you thought
you didn't want them anymore
and then all of a sudden you realize
you can't live without them.

Breaking up is not a stupid thing;
instead it makes you a better person
and realize your mistakes.

You were the one that could alway make me smile
You were the one that could always make me laugh
You were the one who could always tell when i was mad or sad
You were the one who always knew wat i was thinking just by looking in my eyes
You were the one i always trusted
You were the one that told me u never wanted to lose me
You were the one that always cheered the loudest for me when i had a track meet but.....
You were the one that let me down
You were the one that broke a big promise to me
You were the one i never thought would do that
You were the one who broke me heart

The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have."

i hate to see one i love happy with somebody but i surely hate it more to see the one i love unhappy with me